Website AUDIT

Want to know the quality of your existing website and whether it’s performing for your business or not?? Contact Skyy Createch Services Pvt. Ltd.

We have set structures and systems using which we shall perform various tests on your website and shall update you in the below:

  1. What’s the coding quality of your website?
  2. Is your website user friendly?
  3. Is your website SEO friendly?
  4. Is your website mobile friendly?
  5. Is your website developed keeping in mind the Google parameters?
  6. What information is missing in your website?
  7. The proper working and user friendliness of the contact form on your website? (This is very important as due to you issue in your contact form, you may be losing out on your business)
  8. Does your website have database so that you can track your enquiries along with visitors contact information?

There are many more points which we can highlight which should be there in your website in order to perform well and contribute in your business.

Contact us to know more and avail this service.

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