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Power of Social Media is unlimited!!

Social Media Optimization Services (SMO) or Social Media Marketing Services (SMM) means using of social media platforms to reach out and promote brands and services in turn driving traffic to the website. Social media is a key element in marketing in any Company. When it comes to Digital Marketing, one cannot ignore social media. Our SMO services Ahmedabad assist the clients to position and re-position their brands in the market in target region and in target customers.

Our social media process starts with knowing the goal of the Clients Company, how they want to position their Company one, two, three, or five years down the line. Understanding of the Client’s vision of the Company is the most critical factor for us to design and strategize the social media campaign for our Clients. We are one of the few SMM services Company who has ROI model driven strategies for our Client. Every platform of social media is meant for different purposes and curtails to different needs of the business. After the detailed interview with the Client, we research and finalize the social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram , Google+ etc. as per the business nature and start campaigns to reach out, engage and promote our Clients services and products to target clients. Use of social media platforms Facebook, Youtube is inceasing day by day and after 2 years, it will become a necessity for every Company to include it in its Marketing Plan.

Once the campaign starts, we closely monitor the trends and the engagement of the target clients and depending on the results, we strategize and re-strategize continuously.

We create and maintain social media pages for our Clients where their customers love to visit, engage and share the posts. Every design and content that we post on the social media page of our Clients has a specific purpose. Our every move is to strengthen the brand of our clients and driving a huge traffic to their website.
So, if looking for SMM services Company in India, You are on the right website !


  • It helps your business to reach out to more people beyond physical boundaries.
  • If used in the right manner and with the right strategy, it can create wonders for the business to build a strong brand name.
  • Customers can be directly in touch with service providers and there is a good chance for the Company to touch them in a way that they remain loyal to the services and products of the Company.
  • It will increase the traffics to the website therefore impacting SEO rankings.
  • Helps promote easily and directly.
  • Serve customers quickly and fast.

Why Choose Us

  • Skyy Createch will give you real results in numbers in terms of reachability in the target area and in target audience which makes us one the very few companies in Social Media Marketing Ahmedabad.
  • Our SMM services in Ahmedabad makes us unique in the way we deal with our Clients with the sense of relatedness.
  • We really care and make honest efforts for client’s business.
  • We have a strong reporting structure.
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