How We Work

For any kind of marketing, a powerful strategy is required considering all 360 degrees angles. That’s where our expertise lies. We have a strong team of Digital Marketing experts who are voracious readers and keep themselves updated with latest marketing trends and strive to develop new and innovations marketing campaigns for our Clients.

Our Methodology For Digital Marketing

  • Understanding the Goal: The very first step and the most important one!! We interview Clients and get clarity on what their goal is in terms of numbers.
  • What do they want to achieve: Branding, Enquiries or Both.
  • Consultancy: Then comes Consulting. Our job is to consult the Clients that what steps are needed to do and when. What steps we should avoid and what to take.
  • Strategizing: This is the most important step where we make the long term and short term strategy in terms of ROI.
  • Implementation: This is the key!! Implementing the strategy in the right manner can create miracles. We make sure that each and every step is implemented accurately.
  • Monitoring and Reviewing: Without monitoring, we cannot measure whether we are moving in the right direction. Our experts team are always on their toes and regularly monitor and review the reports and our performance.
  • Re-Strategizing: If needed, we re-strategize to get more effective outcome.
  • Reporting: Regular reporting is done to the Client so that they are updated with the results and our goals.

Our Methodology For Website Development

  • Understanding the Purpose: Knowing the purpose of the website is very important. We interview Clients to understand their purpose of building a website because we strongly believe that a website should reflect who you are as a Company or an Individual.
  • Consultancy: Then we research and make a website plan which is best suited as per Industry standards and will be more effective.
  • Planning: This step includes the making of the technical document and the conceptualization of the whole website. We dedicate good time in this step because from our experience we have come to know that working on the foundation strongly is very important before start building. It helps in reducing the overall; time of website development and also helps in avoiding dual work.
  • Designing: Once the technical plan and concept is ready, our design team starts the designing process and we make sure that the design is as per the brief provided by the Client.
  • Development: After the approval of the design of the website, it goes to the development team for the functionalities.
  • SEO Implementation: Once the website is completely designed and developed, it goes to our SEO department, after the research, our SEO team does one time page SEO on the website. We make sure that all the SEO parameters are updated correctly in the website.
  • Testing: Then comes the testing. A website is thoroughly checked for designing, development, SEO using standard checklist. No website goes to the Client without checking.
  • Making Live: Once the website is checked and approved by the Client, we make it live and check again using checklist and monitor it.
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