Business Process Optimization

  • Business Process Optimization

SKYY Createch Services Private Limited was formed with founding vision of being partner to the clients it serves. Standing on founding vision, SKYY Createch Services Private Limited provides its premier service of Business Process Automation and Upgradation.

Steps Of Business Process Automation & Upgradation:
A) Analysis of Current Business Process:

SKYY’s expert team undergoes study of current business model and business process. After thorough understanding of business process, SKYY would submit detailed reports about the following

Identifying Obsolete Process
Merging Processes
Automation Plan
Cost Analysis
Time Frames

B) Business Process Automation:

After approval of automation plan we would develop application which would automatize the business process.

Inside the context of doing away with obsolete process, merging process, we would develop systems which would make process simpler, faster and in synergy with vision of the company.

C) Automation Implementation:

This includes implementation of application and training and development of the client’s employees, staffs and vendors…

D) Summary and Suggestions:

While studying, analyzing, understanding and development of automatic system of business processes, we in our experience come up with business expansion suggestions.

In our summary and suggestions we include the business expansion suggestions, application usage guidelines and futuristic possibilities.

Case Study

Client Name: TWG Advisory LLP

Twg is one of leading Valuation Company of Ahmedabad .With 10+ years of experience in field of valuation; TWG is committed for open flow of knowledge and information in field of valuation.

A) Analysis Of Current Business Process:

TWG used an offline system to work on valuation reports where in the initiator (bank) of report had to submit request for report manually.

The offline system didn’t allow banks to submit request online while at same time TWG didn’t have facility to get reports submitted to bank automatically.

The offline system was single user role based which lacked ability to put accountability amidst various departments.

B) Business Process Automation:

Skyy’s Solution

We provided TWG with online system which answered following requirements

a) Online Request Submission by Bank

This speeded up the process by 3 hours each day.

b) User access to various roles

This did set up accountability structure, assisting in evaluating performance of various employees in various roles

c) Doing away with one user role

We merged two processes to make things simpler. This allowed TWG to do away with one user role altogether, facilitating TWG to cut down on human resource cost.

d) Online submission of report to banks

The system allowed TWG to online submit the report. This made bank’s job faster and added on the brand value of TWG as reliable, faster partners in valuation for bank.

C) Automation Implementation:

Entire staff including few banks was trained in using the system

D) Summary and Suggestions:

We came up with two business expansion plans for TWG namely

1) Online Property Rates System
2) Real Estate Portal

The database used for the above two system is same as that which is being used for automation system.

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